A Log Cabin Style Garage in Bluemont, Virginia

We recently built an a-frame, two story garage for Ryan of Bluemont, Virginia. Ryan's garage turned out beautiful, he chose log siding to give it a cabin look. Ryan is using his garage as a wood shop.

Every customer has a unique need for their storage building.  At Shenandoah Sheds we pride ourselves in building the perfect custom solution for our clients. 

If you're interested in a custom built storage shed, garage or barn, Shenandoah Sheds has you covered.  Take a look at some of our customer's sheds (http://www.shenandoahsheds.com/custom-built/)

Give us a call to discuss your dream building! 


A Garage and a Cabin in Winchester, Virginia

We recently delivered two sheds for Jim and Susan of Winchester, Virginia.  The first was a garage, the Brown's will use it to store their tractor. The second building we delivered for them was a cabin.  The cabin is beautiful, it came fully insulated and wired for electric. 

At Shenandoah Sheds we pride ourselves in creating the perfect sheds for our customers.  If you have interest in a custom built shed, garage or barn give us a call at 540-931-2333 and check out our inventory on our website http://www.shenandoahsheds.com/run-in-sheds.


A Barn for Miniature Horses

We just delivered a Run-In for Brian of the Plains, Virginia.  Brian was looking for a barn for his Miniature horses, they chose one of Shenandoah Sheds classic 8x10 Run Ins with board and batten siding.  This building will be perfect for their horses, and looked gorgeous on their property.  If you're interested in a Run-In Shed, Shenandoah Sheds has a wide variety for sale.  Choose one from our lot or have one custom built to fit your needs.  For more information on our Run Ins, check out our website: http://www.shenandoahsheds.com/run-in-sheds/

A Barn with A Lean To

We just completed a really nice 24x32 barn with a lean to for the Arnel family of Winchester, Virginia.  This barn looked beautiful on their property.  The Arnel's chose a classic red barn paint with white trim and finished it off with a metal roof.  The barn will be perfect for equipment and animal storage.  The lean to they added on it was a great addition, it will provide even more storage area. The Arnel's were great to work with and were really happy with their new barn.  If you're interested in a custom built barn, Shenandoah Sheds can make it happen!  You can see more pictures of our barns at http://www.shenandoahsheds.com/barns/. 

An A-Frame Shed for Tony and Joanne

We recently completed an A-Frame shed for Tony and Joanne of Stephens City, Virginia.  Tony and Joanne chose vinyl siding and driftwood shingles.  The Shed turned out beautiful.  It fits in perfectly with their house and fencing. Shenandoah Sheds also helped them with the site preparation, we excavated the shed site and dropped in a level gravel pad.  If you're interested in our site prep and excavation services give us a call (540-869-4050). You can also learn more about site prep services and view pictures on our website http://www.shenandoahsheds.com/shed-pads


We have built some nice chicken coops over the years, but this coop is one of our favorites.  We built this 8x10 Chicken Coop for the Boyd family of Stephen's City Virginia.  The Boyd's were looking for a nice sized coop for their chickens - this Amish built coop was perfect for them.  If you are interested in keeping chickens drop us a line or give us a call. Large or small, Shenandoah Sheds has a chicken coop for sale that will fit your needs. 

4 Sided Roof - A New Style of Shed!

Shenandoah Sheds carries a wide variety of shed styles to accomodate everyone's design aesthetic.  From classic Barn Style Sheds, to our signature Quaker Sheds, we have a style that looks great on any type of property.  

Recently, we added a brand new style of shed to our inventory - the 4 sided roof shed.  These sheds are definitely unique, and have a style unlike any other.  The 4 Sided Roof Shed has an "upscale" style that fits perfectly with outdoor entertaining areas like pools or ponds.  Like our other sheds, you can customize the 4 sided roof shed with your choice of siding to tie it perfectly into your property of landscaped yard.  

If you're interested in our new 4 Sided Roof Shed give us a call at 540-869-4050.  Or contact us directly through our website.  Thanks and have a great day!

A Custom, Rustic Shed in Strasburg, Virginia

We love doing custom designs for our customers - this A-Frame Shed for Steve and Amy of Strasburg, Virginia may be one of the most unique custom designs we have ever done.  Steve and Amy requested that the Shed have a rustic look to match their house.  The shed was built on a base of rail road ties and has 3 entry doors.  The door on the back of the shed is a 7x7 glider door.  We built a custom cupola for the top of the shed to match the look of their home.  With a coat of rustic red paint, the shed was complete and we LOVE it.  It was a great project and we were really happy to create Steve and Amy’s vision.  If you’re looking for a custom built barn or shed, Shenandoah Sheds has you covered! 

A Hip Barn for The Breeden’s!

Recently we delivered a Hip Barn for the Breeden family of Winchester, Virginia.  Our Barn style sheds are great.  The Breeden’s came with gable doors, a side door, an 8 foot loft and a easy load ramp.  The barn is 12x26, which is really a great size for storing lots of different equipment.  The Breeden’s chose our classic red and white barn style paint, which looks great on any property.  We hope they enjoy their new barn! 

An A-Frame Shed to Front Royal, Virginia

Last weekend we delivered one of the nicest 10x14 A-Frame Sheds we’ve ever built to the Newmann’s of Front Royal, Virginia.  The Newmann’s needed extra storage and really wanted a shed that would match the look of their house.  We came out to their house for a site visit, inspected the house, and matched the shed materials to those used on the Newmann’s house.  The final design was awesome. The shed tied in perfectly and will be a great storage solution for them.  If you’re interested in a shed or barn - we can match it to your house too.  We offer a variety of shed styles including; Barns, A-Frames, Quaker Sheds, and Garages.  Check out all the options on Shenandoahsheds.com or stop on by to see our inventory! 

A Quaker Shed in Front Royal, Virginia

We recently delivered a Quaker Shed to Tammy and Michael of Front Royal, Virginia.  Tammy and Michael just bought property and were in need of a building to store their personal belongings in while their new home is being built.  If you’re considering renting a storage unit - consider a Shed from Shenandoah Sheds instead!  We’ve had quite a few customers use their shed for personal storage while they’re building a new home.  Once their home is built, they can move their personal belongings into the house and then use their shed for outdoor equipment storage.  Shenandoah Sheds has a storage solution for everyone’s needs…stop on by and find yours!

A Garage for Motorcycles

One of our favorite features we can do on our sheds is a roll-up garage door.  These doors are fantastic for folks that want a storage solution for their farm equipment.  We recently delivered a a really nice 12x24 vinyl shed with two roll up garage doors to Wayne J. of Winchester, Virginia.  Wayne is going to use his shed for storing his motorcycle’s and ATV.  If you’re in need of storage for your ATV, Motorcycle, Tractor, or boat give us a call!  Shenandoah sheds has got you covered!

Sheds for the Farm

Recently we delivered TWO buildings to Jeff and Kim of Gore, Virginia.  Jeff and Kim have a great piece of property and we were really happy to hook them up with two great buildings.  They purchased a really nice 8x10 metal run-in and a 10x14 lean too.  Shenandoah Sheds requires NO installation - so we delivered the buildings assembled and dropped them right on their property.  Loved working with them and hope they enjoy the new buildings! 

A Picnic Table for New Home Owners

Our outdoor furniture has really been getting some attention lately.  Recently we delivered an 8 foot picnic table to Brady S. of Edinburg, Virginia.  Brady and his wife recently moved into a new home and he was really excited to add the 8 foot picnic table to his property.  Nothing is better than outdoor living and Shenandoah Sheds has some awesome outdoor furniture.  From Amish Rocking Chairs to Picnic Tables, we have something for everyone and as always - use the highest quality materials.  Stop on by and find the right furniture for you!

A Chicken Coop to Stephenson, Virginia

We were really happy to hook Brian S. of Stephenson, Virginia up with one of our favorite Amish made Chicken Coops.  The Coop Brian picked up came with architectural shingles, windows and our signature board and batten siding.  It looked great!  Brian and his wife were really excited to give their chicks a new home - we were really happy to give them a great deal and a fantastic coop.  If you’re interested in a Chicken Coop or storage shed, Shenandoah Sheds has got you covered!

The Best Chicken Coops in the Shenandoah Valley

One of our most popular items has been our Chicken Coops.  Our customers love them - they are made from the same high quality materials used on our sheds and barns and are built to last.  They can also be painted to match your house or current shed.  They are easily portable and look great, and most importantly - provide fantastic protection for your chickens.  Sean S. of Round Hill, Virginia picked up a coop for his baby chicks - we hope he enjoys them! 

We Love Our Customers!

We’ve sold quite a few barns, sheds, coops and more to a lot of really great people.  Nothing makes us happier though than seeing a repeat customer.  Mark D and his wife of Winchester, Virginia have been one of our BEST customers.  They have purchased Run-In sheds with tack rooms, a Chicken Coop and most recently - a picnic table! We strive to provide all of our customers with the highest quality materials and the best possible price - thats the Shenandoah Sheds way!  Thanks again to Mark and all of our customers that have made Shenandoah Sheds a successful business.

Amish made rocking chairs and a cold one!

We've had a fantastic spring - we've sold lots of storage sheds to some great people.  But, probably the biggest surprise we have had is the number of folks that have purchased our Amish made rocking chairs.  Recently we got to meet Jim and Lisa of Stephen's City, Virginia.  Jim and Lisa picked up two Amish made rocking chairs and according to them, they plan on kicking back and enjoying some cold ones in the new chairs.  Great idea!  If you're interested in an Amish made rocking chair or other furniture, Shenandoah Sheds has you covered!  

A picnic table for summer

This weekend we had the pleasure of hooking up the Desmarais family of Winchester, VA with an 8 foot picnic table. The Desmarais have been awesome to work with and have relied on Shenandoah Sheds for a variety of storage solutions and lawn furniture.  From chicken coops to sheds, barns and amish made furniture, Shenandoah Sheds has something for everyone. Check out our website to view all of our great products, shenandoahsheds.com.

Chairs worth the trip!

This past weekend we sold 2 poly chairs and a folding table to Lindsay of Richmond, Virginia.  Until recently, we sold primarily storage solutions, (sheds, barns, etc.).  But, our chairs and tables are quickly becoming a customer favorite. Like our sheds, they are from the built with the highest quality materials.  Lindsay was so happy with the price and quality, she made the drive all the way from Richmond, Virginia!  We know she will enjoy the chairs, and look forward to selling more of our amish built furniture.  If you're interested, check out our amish furniture inventory on our website, http://www.shenandoahsheds.com/amish-chairs-tables/.