Getting a shed has never been easier




First, Pick a Shed.  We have a broad variety of Sheds to choose from including: Run-Ins, Row Barns, Quaker Style Sheds, Barn Style Sheds, A-Frame Sheds, and Chicken Coops.  We can also custom build a shed for you. 

Second, Prep your Shed Site. Your Shed will require a level pad to sit on.  This pad should be 2 feet larger than the size of your shed.  (For example, a 10'x10' shed will need a pad area of 12'x12'). We recommend digging out your pad area and filling it with 4" of crusher rock or gravel.  Use a laser level or long plumb level to ensure that your pad is level. For an extra charge, we can prep the shed site for you. Need help prepping your shed pad?  We can Help!

Third, We Deliver and Install. We load your shed on to a trailer and will deliver it right to your site.  No assembly required! The Shed is dropped right on to your shed pad. 

Ready to pick your shed?